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North Naples Therapy & Enrichment Services is a unique, concierge-based therapy clinic that provides pediatric Speech-Language, Occupational, and Feeding Therapies. Therapy can be provided at our North Naples clinic or at your child's private school/preschool. Therapeutic-based enrichment groups are offered on a monthly basis and cover an array of topics including manners and etiquette, social skills, keyboarding, and so much more!

At North Naples Therapy & Enrichment Services, it is our mission to equip children with the skills to thrive in all aspects of life. Our therapists utilize a holistic, child-centered approach to ensure your child’s individual needs are met through one-on-one sessions and collaboration with families, educators, and other professionals. Our therapy team provides a wide variety of services including screenings, comprehensive evaluations, private consultations, and individualized therapy plans. Traditional speech, language, occupational, and feeding therapy methods are utilized in conjunction with a variety of specialized programs to facilitate the achievement of age-appropriate skills in order to maximize participation in everyday activities and effectively communicate with those around them.

Image by Jason Goodman



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