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Welcome to 
North Naples Therapy & Enrichment Services

Concierge Therapy Services located in
Naples, Florida
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Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Enrichment Groups


Speech & Language Therapy

At North Naples Therapy & Enrichment Services, it is our mission to equip children with the skills needed to thrive in all aspects of life. We are a multidisciplinary clinic that tailors unique therapy plans to match the individual needs of each child by targeting root cause resolution.  Our therapists utilize a holistic, child-centered approach to ensure your child’s individual needs are met through one-on-one sessions, enrichment groups, and collaboration with families, educators, and other professionals.


Our concierge service model allows for communication with your therapist throughout the week, personalized treatment plans, availability to meet with your child's educational team, access to an online parent portal, and more.  We offer services at our clinic location, various preschools in Naples, and private schools in Naples. Our multi-service approach not only promotes collaboration between disciplines but also encourages a team approach with your child's teachers. 

We have a large network of local professionals that we work closely with including pediatricians, holistic practitioners, mental health professionals, and many more.  Through root cause resolution, we will refer to other professionals when necessary to help address underlying conditions that may be exacerbating your child's speech, language, or occupational therapy challenges. Our community connections with local businesses are maintained to support your child's development including Naples Therapeutic Riding Center, Tumbles, and many more. 

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